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Nancy Welch Award

Congratulations to the 2010-11 Nancy Welch Award winners! The selection process was competitive – 33 programs were nominated!

First Place – "Teach Me How to Dougie"
Kervin Myrtil, Itika Sebuharara
This program informed residents of the history and evolution of hip hop dancing as well as teaching them how to do the dance called the "dougie". A history of hip-hop from its origin to modern forms was presented along with a reflection on how these dances shaped and strengthened cultural identities. A student dance group assisted the residents with learning the dance.
Second Place – "Bollywood Bazaar"
Arti Khanna, Omkar Potnis, Renee Jeremiah, Louis Rosario, Brittany Sager, Stephen Shapero
Designed to educate UB students about different aspects of Indian culture through media, food, history and activities, residents learned about pop culture through a Bollywood Lounge area; Indian history through a Tie-Dye area; Indian art and tradition through a henna area and about the diversity of flavors in Indian cuisine.
Third Place – "Trivial Pursuit: Sex, Drugs & More"
Deirdre Carter, Lauren Fehntrich
The objective of this program was to make students more aware of the resources on campus, dispelling myths associated with sex and drugs, and promoting safe sex. Through playing the game Trivial Pursuit, residents were able to teach each other about the resources on campus. Residents learned a lot and were surprised at what they didn't know!
2010-2011 Nancy Welch Award Winners
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